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A fast-growing software company was unable to keep pace with the escalating workload. Due to a phase of high growth, their processes were unable to scale with their success and had become fragmented to the point that team members were no longer able to support each other effectively. The resulting strain on the organization led to single points of failure, overwhelming work spikes, the inability to integrate new team members, and the risk of burnout for key team members.

Opportunity Assessment. In consultation with the executives and owners, several possible opportunities for improvement were identified. Through interviews and reviewing existing artifacts, the team’s current state of maturity was determined. Each opportunity was scored based on how rapidly it would impact the business and how much effort was required. From this approach, RAW and the client selected a final set of initiatives for focused work.

Improvement Plan. Through a user-centered, participatory design process facilitated by David and Cory, the team developed consensus for an 18-point improvement plan. Each team member took the lead on action plans for their development area with a strategy for complete transparency to every other team member, and full buy-in for their part of the plan.

Implementation Coaching. Transparency, accountability, and progress among all team members was maintained through a series of regular meetings with team leaders. The team was able to remove obstacles promptly as they were identified, and was able to maintain visible progress.

In less than one quarter, the team dramatically increased their effectiveness and has brought business processes in line with the scale of their rapidly growing business. Quality customer interactions could be maintained across team members, and the team is able to distribute its workload again. Stress on key team members has declined as new team members are able to integrate quickly.


I engaged with Research At Work Consulting for review of the University of Michigan Enterprise Analytics Roadmap. We asked the RAW team to look for areas that were either underrepresented or missing. Since we thought we had done a comprehensive roadmap, we were surprised with the results. The RAW team did an excellent job of comparing our roadmap to national standards and identifying areas requiring additional definition. It was a thoughtful and thorough review.

Mary Hill
Director of Data Management Services / University of Michigan Medical School

David has the uncanny gift of identifying business needs by asking on-the-mark questions at a macro level and translating them to applications in a most granular and accurate fashion.

Gerard Broussard

Cory is a top notch professional. In addition to being a strong Human Factors consultant, he was also instrumental in management collaboration and decision making. His expertise, focus, and creativity under pressure made him a tremendous asset to our team.

Paul Cutsforth
District Sales Manager / Cequent Performance Products

I hired Cory to lead the design and development of a website documenting the research network. Cory identified a great designer/ developer and managed the project perfectly. The design and content were outstanding, and the website launched on schedule. Simply put, Cory is outstanding and I will hire him again.

Carl DiSalvo
Associate Professor / Georgia Institute of Technology

Cory was a pleasure to work with on a critical training development project. He brought deep knowledge of adult learning theories to his work and presented us with practical suggestions that improved our training delivery almost immediately. In addition to delivering the project, Cory also helped us to gain better insight into our own processes and work culture.

Sara Ulius-Sabel
Global Innovation Senior Manager / Whirlpool Corporation

Cory’s interdisciplinary background gave him the ability to see patterns and solutions across different domains that were not apparent to others on the team. These valuable insights have led to opportunities for improvement in the way Intel manages its relationships with academic institutions. I am looking forward to my next occasion to work with Cory.

Ken Anderson
Principal Researcher / Intel Corporation

David drove the project to completion and was extremely effective in a difficult corporate environment. I would hire him again without question.

Warren Schlicting
Senior Vice President / Comcast

I had the opportunity to hire Cory to document a multi-year, multi-institution (academic and industry) research network that involved over 70 participants with as many projects. Cory conducted interviews with key members of the research network, reviewed key projects, analyzed this data, and produced a detailed report on the activities of the network, with an emphasis on analyzing the structures of collaboration that did and did not work. The report was simply outstanding. Throughout the project, Cory constantly excelled in both his social skills and his research skills. His deliverables were on time and thorough, and his insights were exceptional.

Carl DiSalvo
Associate Professor / Georgia Institute of Technology

Cory contributed great thought leadership to our project - especially in the area of adult learning and best practices. He was attentive, diligent, and a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a strategic consultancy with a diverse yet competent portfolio, RAW Consulting should be your clear stop!

Annaliese Wimbleton
Global Innovation Manager / Whirlpool Corporation

David has a superior ability to quickly assess a situation and identify business needs then translate them into an action plan.

Kerry Little